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At 2102 this evening, 1 Jan 2018, I completed my second reading of the penultimate volume of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, Towers of Midnight. As with the preceding book, at times I felt Sanderson's handling of certain characters' speech and thoughts not quite in total sync with how I envision Jordan handling them. Despite that, I find Towers a strong series entry. Too, I do not know what writing is pure Sanderson, what pure Jordan, and what a combination of the two. It would be ironic indeed should I learn that the writing I find not quite Jordanesque enough is actually that of the master himself!

My favorite scenario in Towers might well be Aviendha's revelations at Rhuidean. I found Mat and the gang's "visit" to the Tower near book end a bit of a mixed bag. That said, one section of that excursion had my eyes misting, for me a sure sign of a great read.

I'll likely begin the series' final volume, A Memory of Light, shortly. Due to it being near bedtime, I doubt I'll get far before nodding off.

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