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At 1251 today I finished my second reading of The Gathering Storm, book twelve of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, the first of the final three books Brandon Sanderson completed following Jordan's 2007 death. In his forward, Sanderson states that no one could write the book as well as Jordan himself could have. I was reminded of this time and time again while reading Storm, especially early on. That said, Sanderson does a commendable job. In particular his treatment of Egwene and the White Tower, a focal point of the book, does Jordan proud. Rand is, I think, quite well handled too, though by this stage he is so utterly transformed that comparisons with his former self are largely meaningless. On the other hand Aviendha's brief appearances, she receives almost no coverage here, don't ring true for me.

This book reinforces my newfound belief that the series does NOT slump in the middle but instead merely undergoes dramatic change in "tone." I in no way see this as a bad thing, though I can understand why some of those drawn to the series by the early books' heroics, sense of wonder, and humor might not appreciate what they later morphed into.

I will almost certainly begin book thirteen, Towers of Midnight, by day's end. I doubt I'll finish it before the turn of the year. If so, Storm will be my twenty-first and final completed read of 2017.
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