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At 1238 today I concluded my third reading of Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams, book eleven of The Wheel of Time. This is Jordan's swansong, his final self-completed series entry prior to an untimely death. It's the volume that, during prior reads, I considered the series' recovery from what I then felt was a mid books slump. This time round I don't so much see those of middle books as lesser quality but rather a deliberate change in tone, less humorous and heroic than their predecessors. Knife merely returns us, to an extent, to the tone of early volume. Or so I now believe. (OK. Not so far as humor is considered. Knife remains pretty bleak.)

I like pretty much every sub-plot in Knife, Egwene - White Tower, Mat - Tuon and so on. As usual, Perrin - Faile held the least interest for me, and even it has its moments.

Next up, the first Jordan-Sanderson volume, The Gathering Storm. From here on out these will be second readings.
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