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At 1322 this afternoon I concluded my third reading of Robert Jordan's Crossroads of Twilight, book ten of The Wheel of Time. This is the volume I've, in previous readings, considered the series' weakest. I suppose I still do, though I believe I enjoyed it more this time round. For those who might not remember (or never knew) it covers the "progress" of several separate groups of people from soon before to not long after Rand's struggles to cleanse saidin at the climax of book nine, Winter's Heart. Crossroads is mostly plot development with no great battles or magic duels to speak of. As is so often the case in these mid series books, my favorite section was Mat's, near the end.

Next up, Knife of Dreams, in which Jordan largely redeems himself, producing the most exciting volumes in some time. It is also the final entry written before his death and the beginning of Brandon Sanderson's involvement with the concluding books. Leastwise I've considered it Jordan's redemption in the past. We'll see how it goes this time round.
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