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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Yes and what about the very opening chord?
Yes, a real "wake-up" call!! We can imagine perhaps the shock that caused to congregations at the time. (Akin, to take a later example, to the opening of Beethoven's 1st symphony where he starts with a series of V7s outside of the expected key. These gestures strike us as unsurprising these days, but to the sensibilities of the Viennese audience at that time they must have also been quite a jolt.)

As to the opening chord of the BWV* 54, it's a naughty, incomplete II2, i.e. 117 in last inversion; naughty because any inversion of a seventh chord should be complete, as the textbooks tell us. But Bach operates to his own rules...

* I can't tell you how many times I tend to write BMW - is this a marque of car I subconsciously desire?
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