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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Great to hear from you again Chaszz. I have removed the post from the other forum. It is with the music of Corelli in the 1680s that a shift occurs although elements of tonal harmony and modality can be found either side of that date.
Thanks, Peter. I knew you would have the answer!

I will be exploring that period closely now to hear how the shift takes place.

It seems to me that these new elements of harmony opened up a great range of emotive expression for music, gradually building and then culminating in what some might feel is the over-the-top emotionalism of the Romantic period. So this shift might be considered a major divide in music history. It's also interesting that all kinds of Western music, from classical to rock, jazz and other pop forms, make intense use of these same relatively few emotive relationships of the main chords.

What are your thoughts on this?
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