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11-19-2000, 03:17 AM
Just thought you might be interested in this piece of s... striking Beethovenian criticism. I lifted it off a website that was - shall we say - a little unsympathetic towards our Ludwig. You may need to read it a few times to plumb its vast intellectual depths:

Beef oven or what ever the guys name is has to be the most boring music
ever created. I have no clue how people can find it deep, becuase its
just sound with absolutely no meaning. And if any one says there is one
then they made it up because a buch of sounds strung together
precariously by a deaf guy shouldn't mean jack. You want music you got
have lyrics, or theirs almost no point unless you wanna dance to it, but
the people who dance to that slow sh..t beef oven does can't dance worth
a damn. Sign me up for your hate beef oven club.

11-19-2000, 05:08 AM
Well, I'll be danged! I guess I better stop listening to Beethoven, now! http://www.gyrix.com/~cgraye/ubb/wink.gif

11-19-2000, 08:45 AM
Actually, I was just thinking that that reminds me of something Jeff K. (of Something Awful fame) would write (although it has better spelling than Jeff K. usually manages). Anyone familiar with him?

11-19-2000, 11:37 AM
I know of the site you are referring to Michael - they are very strange people indeed to spend time talking about something they hate !

I sent an email to Altavista a while back , complaining that their site came way ahead of this one in the search listings ! No response.

'Man know thyself'