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11-11-2000, 08:47 PM
ALright, in my small opinion, I do cannot believe that Beethoven was all these things some of you people have accused him of-being gay or black? Come on, please! How could he be Black and gay? I think this must be a joke. I know that the Americans can be stupid, I mean we cannot even elect a president!(Have u heard that turmoil?!) Anyway, I have some more questions.

1. In that fruit cake web page it said Beethoven loved many woman but they never loved him?
2. In lieu of that question, when did females start to notice Beethoven?
3. Who made Beethoven's top hat?

11-11-2000, 09:03 PM
Conjecture is likely the only way to solve those questions, but if you're trying to figure out the logic behind that propagandist diatribe, don't bother. Humoring their bigoted opinions is almost the same as validating them.
As for when women started noticing Beethoven, probably when all of Vienna started seeing his improvisational talent once he moved there is when women started "noticing" him, although how implausible would it be if Beethoven was Bonn's version of Freddie Prinze Jr.? http://www.gyrix.com/~cgraye/ubb/smile.gif
As for his top hat, I am quite certain that Beethoven would have enlisted the craftsman skills of his local haberdasher, hmm?